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BUA Cement allegedly considering legal action over gas price rise
Nigeria: The Daily Independent newspaper has reported that BUA Cement is allegedly preparing a multi-million dollar lawsuit against its gas supplier, Greenville Liquefied Natural Gas (Greenville LNG). The supplier reportedly raised prices, as stipulated in the parties gas supply contract, following an increase in its costs. Greenville LNG attributed the increase to the dilapidation of roads and collapse of upstream gas infrastructure due to flooding, as well as a lack of access to imports. It said that none of its 44 other industrial customers has challenged the price change. Greenville LNG chair Eddy Van Den Broeke said It is not a breach of contract because not only are we continuing the gas supply to the BUA cement plant in Sokoto, but also because we are discussing in good faith the changed business and economic conditions that afflict both companies. He concluded In this case, we only activated the contractual price adjustment clause. We cannot explain how it is possible that social media misrepresented so grossly the present circumstances and the conditions of our contract, which were not reflected at all. /Global Cement

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