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Larsen & Toubro wins new 3.5Mt/yr cement plant contract in Rajasthan
India: Larsen & Toubro has won a contract for the construction of a 3.5Mt/yr-capacity integrated cement plant at Nimbahera in Rajasthan. The Press Trust of India newspaper has reported that the supplier classed the order’s value as ‘significant,’ meaning between US$134m and US$336m. /Global Cement
UAECEMENT.COM - Apr, 19,2021

Ambuja Cement to commission 5Mt/yr Mundwa cement plant by September 2021
India: Ambuja Cement, part of Switzerland-based LafargeHolcim, plans to commission its upcoming Mundwa cement plant in Rajasthan by September 2021. The plant will have a total capacity of 5Mt/yr, consisting of 3Mt/yr of integrated and 2.0Mt/yr of grinding capacity. The Hindu newspaper has reported that the company aims to achieve 50Mt/yr total installed capacity in the medium term. It said that it is evaluating possible plant upgrades at Bhatapara in Chhattisgarh and Maratha in Maharashtra. /Global Cement
UAECEMENT.COM - Apr, 13,2021

Qatar National Cement Company increases profit in first quarter of 2020
Qatar: Qatar National Cement Company recorded a profit of US$19.3m in the first quarter of 2021. Reuters has reported that the figure represents a 29% year-on-year rise from US$14.9m from the same period in 2019. The cement producer reported a 6% year-on-year fall in revenue to US$182m and a 13% fall in net profit to US$40.8m in 2020. /GlobalCement
UAECEMENT.COM - Apr, 08,2021

Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua announces corporate name change to GCC
Grupo Cementos de Chihuahua has announced that it has changed its corporate name to GCC. The name change was approved by shareholders at the recent Extraordinary General Meeting. Luis Carlos Arias, GCC’s Chief Financial Officer, commented: “We changed the name to GCC to better reflect our 2025 vision: to be the best cement company in North America with the proper balance of people, profit and the planet. It unifies our brand in multiple countries, mirrors the stock ticker and reflects how the market best knows us.” Luis Carlos continued, “I wish to thank our shareholders for supporting and approving our new corporate name; we are now an organisation with a new name and renewed vision.” /WorldCement
UAECEMENT.COM - Apr, 05,2021

Tarmac makes reptile habitat enhancements at Bellhouse Quarry
Populations of nationally important reptile species have been protected and moved to specially designed and bespoke new habitats at Tarmac’s Bellhouse Quarry in Essex, as part of the company’s ongoing commitment to supporting wildlife and biodiversity across the UK. Tarmac’s team had previously identified a population of reptiles in an area to the north of the active quarry that was due to be extended into and has been working to create and enhance specialised habitats as a new home for the animals as a fundamental part of the design for the restoration for the site. A section of the quarry has since been specially dedicated to housing the populations of these species that include common lizards, slow worms and grass snakes, which have been successfully ‘translocated’ and moved to these new habitats. The reptile habitat creation works originally began in 2016, which created almost three hectares of ideal habitat for reptiles including ponds, tussocky grassland, patches of shrub and acid grassland. These habitats are now establishing, evolving and maturing and further areas will be created through the site’s restoration process to allow the reptile population to expand and grow. Enrique Moran Montero, Restoration Manager at Tarmac, said: “We’re very proud to have facilitated the translocation of these reptiles as part of our ongoing restoration efforts. Over 18 hectares of UK priority habitats have been established at Bellhouse Quarry as part of our progressive restoration works, with 60 hectares more to come to help the local wildlife to establish and thrive.” “The restoration phase of a quarry provides so many opportunities to promote local fauna and flora, and we pride ourselves in making the most of this land. From nature reserves, to parks and wildlife learning zones for schools to use, we always strive to provide benefits for local wildlife as well as the communities we work in.” Although UK reptiles can be found in a wide range of locations, some of these animals are now rare and they require careful management. Several hibernaculas – places where animals seek refuge over winter such as caves and other similar shelters – have also been constructed at the site to provide home to the reptiles during the winter months. vTarmac was supported at Bellhouse Quarry by Henry Andrews, an ecologist with a wealth of experience of wildlife relocation. Henry carried out the translocation of the reptiles in 2019 from the northern area of the quarry to their new home. He said: “This has been a brilliant project which Tarmac and Bellhouse Quarry’s management team have paid a great deal of attention to. The reptiles are key components of the functioning ecosystem and it’s a very rewarding element of the wider restoration project.” Kelven Nichols, Bellhouse Quarry Manager said, “We are really proud of the habitats that we have restored at the site that provide home for the local wildlife.” /WorldCement
UAECEMENT.COM - Apr, 03,2021

Pakistan resumes trade with India
Pakistan/India: Pakistan has resumed trade with India following a hiatus since August 2019. The News International has reported that during the last full year of trading in 2018 Pakistan exported US$63m of cement and US$19m of gypsum to India./Global Cement
UAECEMENT.COM - Apr, 03,2021

Chinese two-month cement production grows by 61% to 240Mt in 2021
China: The Chinese construction industry has reversed a downward trend in 2020 to grow value-added output by 46% year-on-year in the first two months of 2021. The Xinhua News Agency has reported that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recorded a 61%year-on-year rise in cement production to 240Mt in the period. /Global Cement
UAECEMENT.COM - Mar, 24,2021

UltraTech receives Science-Based Targets Initiative validation for emissions reduction targets
India: The Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTI) has validated UltraTech Cement s CO2 emissions reduction targets. The validation confirms that the company s targets are in line with a 2°C temperature rise scenario under the Paris Agreement. The targets consist of a 27% reduction in Scope 1 CO2 emissions between 2017 and 2032 and a 69% reduction in Scope 2 CO2 emissions between 2017 and 2032. This corresponds to a 462kg/t net CO2 reduction for the producer s cement. Managing director Kailash Jhanwar said, “A changing climate scenario poses significant challenges for the built environment sector. It equally provides valuable opportunities to develop sustainable products and services. By committing to science-based targets, UltraTech Cement has once again demonstrated leadership in paving the way for the sector to help build sustainable infrastructure.”
UAECEMENT.COM - Mar, 15,2021

Lucky Cement’s Samawah cement plant enters commercial production
Lucky Cement has started commercial cement production at its 1.2Mt/yr integrated Samawah cement plant. The News International newspaper has reported that the plant brings the company’s overseas installed cement production capacity to 4.1Mt/yr. It operates the 1.7Mt/yr Basra grinding plant in Iraq and a 1.2Mt/yr integrated cement plant in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The company said, “Despite the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic, the project has successfully achieved its milestones on time.”
UAECEMENT.COM - Mar, 13,2021

CBI Ghana relies on clinker imports during shortage
Ghana: CBI Ghana has said that its costs have increased because it has had to import clinker during an on-going local shortage. The Ghana News Agency newspaper has reported that the Supacem cement producer attributes a rise in its cement prices to the cost increase. Commercial manager Kobby Adams said, “The rising cost of cements is due to the unavailability of some products and these materials are imported in large quantities at exorbitant charges coupled with the unstable and high import charges.” He warned customers against accepting counterfeit products to circumvent the rising prices. “CBI Ghana pledges to continue with the expansion to be able to reach and serve more customers,” he added. /Global Cement
UAECEMENT.COM - Mar, 06,2021

Pakistan s cement sales rise by 15% to 38.0Mt in first eight months of 2021 financial year
Pakistan: Members of the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) recorded cement sales of 38.0Mt in the eight-month period ending on 28 February 2021 – the first eight months of its 2021 financial year – up by 14% year-on-year from 33.3Mt in the corresponding period of the 2020 financial year. The Dawn newspaper has reported that exports rose by 7% to 6.33Mt from 5.94Mt while local dispatches rose by 16% to 31.6Mt from 27.4Mt. The association said that producers face problematically high costs due to rises in coal and energy prices. /Global Cement
UAECEMENT.COM - Mar, 03,2021

LafargeHolcim consolidated sales and recurring earnings fall in 2020
LafargeHolcim s consolidated net sales in 2020 were Euro21.1bn, down by 5.6% year-on-year on a like-for-like basis from Euro24.4bn in 2019. The group recorded recurring earnings before interest and taxation (EBIT) of Euro3.35bn, down by 2% from Euro3.74bn. Its cement sales fell to 190Mt, down by 7% from 208Mt. It noted an increase in bagged cement sales in emerging markets. By region the group reported like-for-like growth in sales and earnings in Asia-Pacific driven by recovery in India and China despite weaknesses in the Philippines and Australia. Earnings rose despite falling sales in Europe, Latin America and North America with a resilient market noted in Central Europe and an ‘outstanding’ year reported in Latin America. Middle East Africa reported falling cement demand and adverse market affects from the coronavirus pandemic, although Nigeria remained buoyant. Chief executive officer Jan Jenisch said, “2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone, challenging us to be more resilient, while stepping up to take care of those around us.” He added, “This crisis has really proven the resilience of our strategy and business model. By the fourth quarter of 2020 we were back to growth, with a 1.5% increase in net sales and over-proportional recurring EBIT of 14%.” The group completed eight ‘bolt-on’ acquisitions in 2020 and signed an agreement to acquire Firestone Building Products, a producer of flat-roofing systems in the US. It also claimed that, “Every tonne of cement we produced in 2020 was more carbon-efficient and contained more recycled material than the year before.” /Global Cement
UAECEMENT.COM - Feb, 27,2021

15% of large cement companies aligned with 2°C target for 2050
UK: The Transition Pathway Initiative (TPI) has conducted a study into the emissions reduction practices of 33 large cement producers. The study concluded that five of the companies are currently aligned with the emissions reduction pathway which would keep the global temperature rise below 2°C by 2050 compared to pre-industrial levels. This corresponds to 15% of large cement companies assessed in the study compared to 14% of large companies in heavy industries globally. The TPI commended the five producers, noting that in global industry “fewer companies are aligned with 2°C after 2030 [than by 2030], because the pace of decarbonisation required in the industrial sector really picks up next decade, requiring drastic falls in emissions between 2030 and 2050 to meet Paris Agreement goals. More industrial companies need to set longer term targets to 2050 that require greater levels of decarbonisation.” Just one aluminium producer and no paper producers are in line with the 2050 target. TPI Co-Chair Adam Matthews said, “As we enter the transition decade these hard-to-abate sectors are critical to achieving net zero goals by 2050. Whilst it is concerning that so few industrial companies are ready, it is clear new industrial processes based on circular economy principles give us a tipping point of technically viable, economically attractive solutions.” /Global Cement
UAECEMENT.COM - Feb, 21,2021

Turkmenistan produces 1.9Mt of cement in 2020 and increases production in January 2021
Turkmenistan: Full-year cement production reached 1.9Mt in 2020. The Trend News Agency has reported that industrial production, construction work and services grew by 8% year-on-year during the period. The nation exceeded its reinforced concrete building construction plan for the year by 4%. /Global Cement
UAECEMENT.COM - Feb, 17,2021

JSW Cement partners with Yalochat for WhatsApp-supported transactions
India: JSW Cement has hired US-based Yalochat to supply software for transactions with trade customers. It says it is among the first Indian cement companies to introduce conversational commerce services to this marketing segment. The software promises to increase the company’s ease of doing business by integrating customer service into transactions via the WhatsApp messaging platform. The producer says that this will help differentiate it as it transitions to 25Mt/yr of production capacity by 2023 from 14Mt/yr. Managing director Parth Jindal said, "Digital technology is shaping the long-term sustainable growth strategy of all JSW Group businesses. We are in a unique position to deliver integrated home-building solutions to Indian consumers. Our digital transformation will ensure the ease of doing business to our customers through continued improvements in the overall brand experience combined with efficient operations for well-synchronised and timely deliveries." /Global Cement
UAECEMENT.COM - Feb, 14,2021

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