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Pozzolanic cement Clinker Grinding Plant

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It is made by grinding some solidification regulator (gypsum) with Portland cement clinker and mineral additives (pozzuolana) defined at their standardized ratios (max. 55%). It is a product that gains its strength by freezing after it is mixed with water.

It gains strength later than Portland Cement 42.5 and Portland Composed Cement A 42.5 R. Water/cement ratio is relatively high. It is more resistant to alkali-aggregate reaction and chemical external effects. Generally it is used in the repairs of constructions, making plaster and production of construction chemicals.

Physical characteristics
    SC Cement Standard Unit
  Solidification Start/End 187 min. 75 Minute
  Solidification End 223 -- Minute
  Volume Expansion 1 max. 10 cm
  Specific Surface (Blaine) 4660 -- cm2/g
  Liter Weight 880 -- g/l
  2-day Strength 15 min. 10 N/mm2
  28-day Strength 40  min./max. 42.5/62.5  N/mm2

Chemical properties
    SC Cement Standard Unit
  SO3 3.4 max. 3.5 %

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