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Taiwan Cement Corporation to diversify towards 50% non-cement sales in 2025
Taiwan: Taiwan Cement Corporation aims to diversify its business away from cement by increasing its sales from energy storage and vehicle charging. It aims to derive over 50% of its revenues from other activities besides cement by 2025. The Taipei Times newspaper has reported that the producer will continue to produce 80Mt/yr of cement. The company said that the reason behind its planned diversification is its responsibility to help reduce global net CO2 emissions. Chair Nelson Chang said “Carbon reductions must be fast and efficient, and the use of solar and other green energy resources in producing cement is not enough to offset carbon emissions. That means Taiwan Cement has to press ahead and develop carbon capture techniques that would help mitigate the negative impact of cement production on the environment.” /Global Cement
UAECEMENT.COM - Jun, 03 ,2023

Anjani Portland Cement s sales drop in 2023 financial year
India: Anjani Portland Cement recorded sales of US$80m in the 2023 financial year. This corresponds to a 17% year-on-year drop from US$97m in the previous financial year. India InfoLine News has reported that the producer s total expenditure also dropped, by 2.6% to US$77.4m from US$79.5m. It reported a net loss after minority interests of US$7.03m, compared to a net profit of US$5.01m in the 2022 financial year. /Global Cement

Anjani Portland Cement s sales drop in 2023 financial year
India: Anjani Portland Cement recorded sales of US$80m in the 2023 financial year. This corresponds to a 17% year-on-year drop from US$97m in the previous financial year. India InfoLine News has reported that the producer s total expenditure also dropped, by 2.6% to US$77.4m from US$79.5m. It reported a net loss after minority interests of US$7.03m, compared to a net profit of US$5.01m in the 2022 financial year. /Global Cement

Sinoma International Engineering wins Southern Province Cement Jizan cement plant contract
Saudi Arabia: China-based Sinoma International Engineering has won an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract to build Southern Province Cement s upcoming Jizan cement plant, in the province of the same name. YiCai Global News has reported that the plant will have a capacity of 1.83Mt/yr. Commissioning is scheduled to follow 27 months after the start of construction. Sinoma International Engineering s contract covers installation of the entire line, from limestone crushing to cement bagging. The value of the work is US$300m. Fellow CNBM subsidiary Sinoma Overseas Development previously won a US$220m contract with Yamama Cement for transferal of its Riyadh cement plant s new Line 7 from its old plant to its new location. /Global Cement

Qizilqumsement to upgrade Qizilqum cement plant
Uzbekistan: United Cement Group subsidiary Qizilqumsement says that it has awarded contracts for the upgrade of Lines 1 and 2 at its Qizilqum cement plant in Navoiy Region. Uzbekistan Newsline has reported that the producer has completed testing to ascertain the lines parameters of operation, fuel and energy consumption and output. This will inform its decisions, with a view to reducing the cost of clinker production. Qizilqumsement is currently in the process of building the Qizilqum plant s new 767,000t/yr Line 4, which will also increase its clinker capacity by 657,000t/yr. The producer expects this to lower the cost of its clinker production by 30% /Global Cement

UltraTech Cement transports phosphogypsum to Gujarat plant
India: UltraTech Cement has transported a shipment of 57,000t of phosphogypsum by coastal and inland waterways to its Gujarat plant at Kovaya in Amreli district. The subsidiary of Aditya Birla Group says this is the first operation of its kind in the country, according to Orissa Diary. K C Jhanwar, the managing director of UltraTech Cement, said "The cement industry plays a pivotal role in driving the circular economy in India through the use of industrial and municipal waste in cement manufacturing. This industry-first initiative of UltraTech Cement in using inland and coastal waterways for transport of phosphogypsum will help to further strengthen the role of the cement sector in driving the circular economy in India." The cement company sourced the phosphogypsum from the Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative and Paradeep Phosphates. Legacy stock of the by-product from fertiliser plants in the country are estimated to be about 70Mt. /Global Cement

Steady January for Senegalese cement production
Senegal: Cement production in Senegal by Sococim, Dangote Cement and Ciments du Sahel fell by 5.6% month-on-month in January 2023. According to the National Agency for Statistics and Demography, this drop was due to weaker exports, which fell by 7.0% month-on-month. In contrast local cement sales improved by 6.5%. Compared to January 2022, January 2023 saw an 11.1% increase in cement production volumes. Exports rose by 58.2% year-on-year, while local sales rose by +7.5%. /Global Cement

Oman Cement reports strong first quarter
Oman: Oman Cement, which is undergoing a change of ownership to China-based Huaxin Cement, reported a revenue of US$50.7m in the first quarter of 2023. This represented a 15% rise year-on-year compared to the first quarter of 2022, when its revenue was US$43.2m.The company reported net profit of US$5.2m, a 126% year-on-year jump due to one-off earnings, as total expenses increased by 7% year-on-year US$44.2m./Global Cement

Sinoma International Engineering to build cement plant at Dire Dawa in Ethiopia
Ethiopia: China-based Sinoma International Engineering has signed an agreement with National West International Holding (WIH) Building Materials to build an industrial park development project at Dire Dawa. The project has an investment of US$600m and will include a 6000t/day cement plant and a 1000t/day lime unit, according to the Xinhua News Agency. The proposed industrial park is relatively close to the Port of Djibouti, in neighbouring Djibouti, to allow for access to raw materials and potential export markets. WIH, a joint-venture between companies based in Ethiopia and China, already operates a cement plant at Lemi in Amhara Region. /Global Cement

Huaxin Cement completes acquisition of stake in Oman Cement
Oman: China-based Huaxin Cement completed its acquisition of a 60% stake in Oman Cement on 5 April 2023. That the group completed the transaction via a Abra Holdings, a wholly-owned subsidiary incorporated in Mauritius. In a submission to the Hong Kong Exchange, Huaxin Cement stated the estimated purchase price for the stake as US$193m.Oman Cement operates the 4.2Mt/yr Rusayl cement plant in Muscat Governorate. The producer was in talks with possible contractors for an upgrade to the plant’s existing production lines and the construction of a new 10,000t/day Line 4 in March 2023.\Global Cement

Pakistani nine-month cement demand declines in 2023 financial year
Pakistan: Local cement producers delivered 30.6Mt of cement to customers in Pakistan during the first nine months of the 2023 financial year, down by 15% year-on-year from 36.1Mt in the corresponding period of the 2022 financial year. The Dawn newspaper has reported that producers exported 3.04Mt of cement, 9% of total sales of 33.6Mt. Exports fell by 35% from 4.64Mt, while total sales fell by 18% from 40.8Mt. The All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) said “Continued political instability, currency devaluation and poor economic conditions are badly affecting all the industrial sectors, including the cement industry.” It continued “Construction activities in both the northern and southern regions of the country have been declining significantly over past months. Employment opportunities for skilled and unskilled labour attached to the construction sector are also in decline.” /Global Cement

ACC and Ambuja Cements begin to up sticks for Ahmedabad
India: Adani Group has reportedly relocated significant roles in ACC and Ambuja Cements to Ahmedabad, Gujarat. ACC and Ambuja Cements headquarters are situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and employ 6000 and 4700 people respectively. The Business Standard newspaper has reported that many people in leadership positions now based in Ahmedabad continue to run teams in Mumbai. /Global Cement

Afghan government to build 1Mt/yr cement plant in Kandahar Province
Afghanistan: The government s Mines and Petroleum Ministry has awarded a contract for construction of a new 1Mt/yr cement plant in Kandahar Province. Bakhtar News Agency has reported that the project will have a budget of US$100m. /Global Cement

Carbon Upcycling Technologies partners with A3&Co. for cement industry CO2 utilisation
Canada/UAE: Supplementary cementitious materials (SCMs) producer Carbon Upcycling Technologies has signed a strategic partnership agreement with technical consultancy A3&Co. The partners will now work towards the delivery of an SCM enhancement reactor that bolts on to existing cement plant equipment. Canada-based Carbon Upcycling Technologies expects to be able to offer the technology to global cement industry customers by March 2025. Carbon Upcycling Technologies CEO Apoorv Sinha said "We look forward to collaborating with A3&Co. Their extensive experience working with over 125 facilities across the globe will prove invaluable as we continue to adapt our technology for seamless integration at cement plants, enabling onsite sequestration and utilisation of CO2." /Global Cement

Uzbekistan s cement sales reach 14.6Mt in 2022
Uzbekistan: A total of 14.6Mt of cement was produced in 2022, equivalent to 415kg/capita. The world average was 519kg/capita. Production rose by 69.3% between 2017 and 2022, in line with a 71.5% increase in construction rates. /Global Cement

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